What are you doing with your 168 hours each week?

Hey 3 west check out this board I just put up about manganeging yoir hours each week. As finals are next week it is an important thing to keep in mind. 



Cooking Lesson

Hunter showed Jonah and I his special way to prepare venison. What a treat. He and Jonah have taken cooking classes so feel free to ask them for cooking help, I know I will. Hope with your busy schedules you are finding time to eat 3 West!


UNITED WE STAND: Alexandra Catalano

Green Smoothie.JPG

This Sunday I attended United We Stand speaker Alexandra Catalano. She is a holistic nutritionist, author, keynote speaker, healthy lifestyle expert and creator of the popular lifestyle brand Eat Cute. The presentation she gave was interesting and was very relatable for a college student. She provided tips and trick of a healthy lifestyle while in college. This included simple, cheap, and sometimes free things that could be implemented into our daily lives to improve our living. She noted that there is no one specific thing that will work for everyone and that people need to find things which help themselves. Because what works for some people might not work for others. I encourage you to follow the web link to her website and see how you might be able to improve your lifestyle.

Link: https://www.alexandracatalano.com/