Howdy 3 West, 

It was great to attend the Stereotypes program for Diversity week. We learned a lot about the unfounded assumptions we had heard and learned.  Feel free to talk to ether us about our experience at this program or learn more with the resources listed below. By understanding where the biases we have against each other come from and their falsities we can work to build a more inclusive community.  We are challenging you to do your part to build a more accepting 3 West community.

-Brian & Adam


Emily Hefty and Jesse Peterson’s Senior Recitals

On Sunday, May 7th

I went to 2 different Senior recitals with Justin.  Justin still needed to finish up a few concerts for his Music Appreciation class and I knew of 2 very good ones that were going on this weekend.  Emily is a violin and flute player and was accompanied by her Flute professor and a piano.  Jesse is a percussionist and played on the Marimba and several other percussion instruments.  Both of the musicians did a very good job with their own pieces, playing very difficult music in their own fields.


Stop The Hate

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This past Wednesday I attended a Stop the Hate session. This session was a deeper dive into hate in the news. During the session, we talked about how hate can show up in the news. We looked at multiple new stories about hate. I found it interesting to see how much hate really shows up in the news. It becomes one of those things that is not seen unless it is looked for. In addition to looking at stories in the news related to hate, we also looked at multiple resources that are on the internet relating to hate. There were three main websites that we looked at. The first one was , this website provides a hate map. The hate map is a map of the United States and shows all the known documented hate groups and where they are located. It is an interesting website and puts into perspective of how much hate is in this country. It is unfortunate that the number of hate groups continue to rise. The second website that we looked at was , this website provides relevant news stories relating to hate. It posts both positive and negative stories and is a very useful site. The final website that we looked at was . On this website, UW-Platteville students can report hate and bias that is seen on campus. This is an important website because without reposting hate and bias on campus it will go unseen and unable to be fixed. So I encourage you to report something is you see something.


Stop the Hate

Hey 3 West,

Tonight I attended a Stop the Hate session on campus. The session tonight was a deeper dive into the topic of harassment on women specifically. Some of the information that we covered was discrimination and sexual assault against women. It was interesting to talk about and discuss the number different ways that women are discriminated against in our society. In addition, we talked about sexual assaults and reviewed a few news stories. We also were presents with some staggering facts related to sexual assaults. For example, on average a college-aged perpetrator has already sexually assaulted 6 women. I found this fact to be very shocking. There are things we all can to do help prevent this from happening. Instead of being a bystander to an incident stand up and say something. Always be looking out for situations for when a woman may be in destress. It is easy things like this that can help drastically reduce the amount of sexual assaults that occur.

I will be attending more Stop the Hate sessions in the future if anyone is interested in coming along. I will also put the link to their website below for additional information.