Rountree Rockin Recess

Thanks to everybody who came down and played games at our FNC. What a great time including each other and playing games like we all did back in recess.

-Brian & Adam


Light Show

Thanks to everyone who is participating in the light show. It is great to see everyone on the floor work together and see the awesome results from outside. Don’t forget that tonight is your favorite color and tomorrow is color changing mode. Let’s keep it up!



Howdy 3 West, 

It was great to attend the Stereotypes program for Diversity week. We learned a lot about the unfounded assumptions we had heard and learned.  Feel free to talk to ether us about our experience at this program or learn more with the resources listed below. By understanding where the biases we have against each other come from and their falsities we can work to build a more inclusive community.  We are challenging you to do your part to build a more accepting 3 West community.

-Brian & Adam