Ghost Door Decs.

It can be so easy to go with the flow and follow the crowd. Similar to the ghost costum where you hide behind a white sheet. It can be so easy to put a mask on and disregard your own feelings and opinions. Wheather it be as simple as agreeing with someone on a controversial topic, when in fact you don’t actually agree with them. Or it could be falling into peer pressure to drink with your friends because it will make you “cool”, when you do not want to actually participate. I encourage you to take the white sheet off, and follow your feelings and options. Be who you are and not what someone wants you to be. 




Last night we had counselor Jason Artz from campus come to talk a little about the benefits of meditation and lead a short mediation session. It was great to have in come in and hear from a counselors perspective. Below you will find the link to the counseling website. On their site you will find multiple resources related to metal wellness.